the Power

An Online Course
for LGBT/Queer+ Folks:

Practices to Transform
Your Relationship
To Yourself & Others

~ Do you feel isolated or lonely?

~ Are you longing for more meaningful relationships?

~ Do you want more self-acceptance and self-love?

~ Are you haunted by old wounds of shame and fear?


When you reclaim
your confidence & self-worth,
you can create
the relationships you really want.

~ Reclaim Your Power! ~

“The journey was really powerful in helping me see the parts of my identity ready to die and be shed; and also to think about finding my strength and sacred power within my Queerness. It helped lead me to more personal discovery work.”
~ workshop participant



As an LGBTQIA+ person you might struggle with old stories that say you are not good enough, not worthy or broken. You may have missed out on many opportunities during your life to build up your self-esteem and personal power.

Now it’s time to change that!

Together in queer community you will learn and experience practices of guided meditation and inner journeying to ignite transformation and personal healing. These potent practices of empowerment are efficient and effective ways to gain clarity and insight, initiating deep healing – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This course is for you if you want to…

  • Dive deep into your personal healing work both in solo and group settings.
  • Cultivate your relationship with your own inner wisdom.
  • Feel empowered through deepening & healing your Queer identity.
  • Overcome the hardships of your past.
  • Reclaim lost power and resolve incidents of conflict and trauma.
  • Support fellow seekers on their healing path.


This course involves guided meditations, inner journeying and mindfulness practices, journaling and/or creative expression, and facilitated group discussion.

*No previous experience with meditation is necessary.

(This particular style of guided meditation is a methodology of inquiry developed by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.)





Previous participants have left feeling:
  • More trusting & confident
  • Centered & grounded in relationship
  • Self-love & Self-compassion
  • Hopeful & Powerful
  • Prepared for new transitions
    & new relationships
  • Greater sense of inner wisdom & intuition
  • More connection to spirit
  • Self-acceptance





Starting Fall 2020















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The Process of our Magical Journey: 

  • Connecting with and cultivating your Inner Wisdom & Guidance
  • Discovering the Importance of Your Queer Identity
  • Understanding Dynamics of Power
  • The Power of Initiation
  • Reclaiming and Integrating Your Lost Power

Once our journey ends you’ll get a 1-on-1 session with Nick to integrate any remaining experiences.


Got Questions? Please contact Nick for a free consultation to discover if this course is right for you.

“I most enjoyed what I learned about my place in the world, and that my purpose for being LGBTQ is to undo everything I learned or thought I knew about the world… What a privilege to let go and reclaim that truth!”
~ workshop participant



Course Details: 

Here’s what you get:

  • 4 Weekly lessons & guided meditations.
  • 4 LIVE video class meetings with Nick.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with peers and get support from Nick.
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 with Nick to integrate your process.


Our Schedule:

  • Lesson 1: Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom & Guidance
  • Live video class meeting
  • Lesson 2: Queer Identity
  • Live video class meeting
  • Lesson 3: Queer Initiation
  • Live video class meeting
  • Lesson 4: Queer Power
  • Live video class meeting
  • Integration & Bonus material
  • Completion check-in with Nick to be scheduled

(*Video meetings will be recorded for later viewing, if you happen to miss one.)





Starting Fall 2020










Get Notified When Registration Opens

















Facilitated by Nick Venegoni, MA

“As a gay and queer person it’s important for me to support others who, like myself, have suffered at the hands of hatred, injustice, fear or misunderstanding; to be a guide and an advocate for those who feel alone, different or weird on their healing journey.

These same tools and practices which I offer to you, have been immensely powerful and transformative for me as well. I have been using them for 15+ years and I have seen the benefits of insight and healing they have had for myself and others.

I look forward to sharing these journeys with you.”

Read more about Nick here.

Questions? Please contact Nick for a free consultation to discover if this course is right for you.