The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 11:
Healing Sexual Trauma with Depth Hypnosis
with Rhiannon Morsch


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Rhiannon Morsch is a healing guide and intuitive channel. Along her journey she has gathered expertise in a broad range of transformational healing modalities, including Depth Hypnosis, Core Shamanism, and Energy Medicine. Through the blended use of these methods along with her multi-dimensional channeling gifts, she has found her way to powerful toolbox that allows her to offer a unique and transformational healing experience in service to others. She has a private healing practice in Berkeley, CA and also works over distance with clients from all over the world. 


Episode Highlights

  • Rhiannon shares how she works as an intuitive channel working with clients to support their healing intentions.
  • Using depth hypnosis (a synthesis of shamanic practices, energy medicine, Buddhist psychology and transpersonal psychology) she helps her clients, particularly around experiences of sexual trauma.
  • We discuss connecting to our own ancestral lineage and spirit guides to facilitate healing work.
  • How she came to her path as a healer after going through her own healing journey and having spiritual experiences which opened her up.
  • She shares how depth hypnosis specifically helped her heal her own sexual trauma, which helps her know how to support others.
  • Using soul retrieval to reclaim and heal fragmented parts of ourselves. This fragmentation is a common occurrence during a traumatic experience.
  • The practice of facilitating Womb Space Clearing to help people on a fertility journey.
  • She also offers online group channeling sessions, “The Knowing.”


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