“It feels like something has shifted deep inside of me; embodying and accepting my sexuality and my identity better.
– Johnny

Reclaiming the Magic of your
Gay Power

April 13-15th
Los Angeles, CA

A retreat for Gay/Bi/Trans+ Men* to learn practices to heal from the past and step into your unique Power once more. Together in community you will learn and experience practices of guided meditation and inner journeying to ignite transformation and personal healing.

~ Full Workshop Description



*This event is sponsored by California Community of Men, and is open to ALL men-who-love-men (gay, bi, trans, queer, cis).

**This workshop is offered at other times to people of ALL gender expressions.



Retreat Details

This is a residential retreat starting @ 7PM Friday night and ending @ 5PM Sunday night.

*Meals and lodging provided.



Nature Friends
568 Yucca Trail
Sierra Madre, California 91024
Pasadena/Los Angeles area