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For Queer Spiritual Folk


Heal Your
Queer Spirit

Find Your Path to Wellness & Joy

As queer people, we often feel misunderstood, rejected and abandoned. We are marginalized, victimized and viewed as second class citizens.

Queer Healing Journeys offers a space for queer, spiritual folks to find the guidance and support they need to create more fulfilling and joyful lives. This is a place where you will be respected, understood and honored for all of your uniqueness.

Here we strive to help you connect to your own inner wisdom and guidance to find the path of healing that best suits you. Through coaching and spiritual direction, events and workshops, you will be guided toward wholeness and joy in all the ways you choose to express yourself.

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Do you struggle to find balance in your life? Have you lost your path or your purpose? Queer Holistic Coaching can help you get back on track and help to create alignment within yourself – mind, body and spirit.

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The power of sound to transform has been known through out time. All sound is vibration, and everything vibrates. Allow the waves of sound to wash over you – harmonizing your body, mind & spirit.

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Offerings & Workshops

Through our events and workshops you can find healing and growth in queer community. We offer a variety of experiences for deeper exploration and nurturing the soul. Check out our schedule.

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The journey was really powerful in helping me to see the parts of my identity ready to die and be shed; and also to think about finding my strength and sacred power within my Queerness. It helped lead me to more personal discovery work.”

– workshop participant

I experienced a return of my power & feel more hopeful that I will make it through this transition.

– Morgen

I most enjoyed what I learned about my place in the world,
and that my purpose for being LGBTQ is to undo everything I learned or thought I knew about the world… What a privilege to let go and reclaim that truth!”

– workshop participant

“It feels like something has shifted deep inside of me; embodying and accepting my sexuality and my identity better.”

– Johnny

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