You are other, misfit, edge-walker, wyrd, fag, dyke, gender-bender.
You are Sacred.


Mending all your broken pieces. Reclaiming that which was lost or taken. Coming back to wholeness.


Venture to that place within you which contains your power.
Travel to the secret well which holds your personal medicine.


What do you mean, Queer ?

“Queer” refers to a variety of identities or labels with which people may choose to identify themselves, some of them being: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender-blessed, GNC, NB, kinky, poly, pagan and more+. All of these expressions of identity are welcome and celebrated here, as we work together to help you find healing and growth toward relief from suffering and more joy in your life.


Nick Venegoni, MA & CHT

As a seeker and student of healing wisdom I have always had a curiosity for the nature of the universe and my relationship to it. Growing up I couldn’t wait to take off my shoes and play in the yard with my dogs and sit in trees, feeling most at home in my body in the natural world. As I matured I discovered a natural talent for listening to others stories and holding their emotions and potential for greater wholeness and well-being, much in the same way the trees held me as a child.

I do this work to help people find a path to healing and wholeness. I help you to build inner strength so you can overcome past traumas, change internal stories and heal your wounds. I support my clients with warmth, while challenging them to break outside the old patterns that no longer serve them. I work holistically, which means I look at the whole person: body, mind and spirit. I teach relaxation tools because cultivating awareness and a calm mind are essential keys to mental health. Oftentimes I use guided visualization or  hypnotherapy , so we won’t just be sitting and talking all the time. Occasionally I may suggest collaborating with complimentary practitioners to bring balance to nutrition, sleep patterns or physical well-being.

I am passionate about this work because I have gotten so much emotional freedom and access to joy from my own healing process. I believe you’ve got the wisdom, and my goal is to help you tap into it.

As a gay and queer person it’s important for me to support others who, like myself, have suffered at the hands of hatred, injustice, fear or misunderstanding; to be a guide and an advocate for those who feel alone, different or weird on their healing journey.

I may be the right fit for you if you’re looking for someone who will listen to you with deep compassion, seek to understand all about you and your inner world, challenge you to try on new perspectives, and work with you to create a road map toward the best you. I help you to build inner strength so you can overcome past traumas, change internal stories and heal your wounds.

To learn more about my education, credentials and professional experience, view my LinkedIn profile.

I welcome you to contact me for a free phone consultation, coaching or to schedule an event near you.



Listen to interviews with Nick:

  • Living Proof  with Sheridan Gold & Dianna Grayer, February 2022 – LISTEN HERE



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