For ALL LGBTQ+ People

For many queer people, finding the right support person can be challenging.
You might wonder…

  • Do I feel safe with them?
  • Can they accept all parts of me?
  • Will they understand my perspective and experiences?
  • Do I have to educate them on how my identity is impacted by culture and society?

As a queer person myself, I relate to all of these feelings. As a coach and a guide I strive to make sure my clients feel safe, comfortable, understood and accepted for who they are and all of their self expressions.

You might seek holistic coaching and spiritual counseling for support with:

  • Coming Out
  • Relationship Struggles
  • Life Transitions
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Spiritual Exploration
  • Finding Deeper Life Purpose… and More!



How does it work?

Through holistic coaching we will take an inventory of all aspects of your life – mind, body and spirit. Together we will explore what imbalances are creating challenges, and which of your strengths can be used to bring more harmony to your life.

In our sessions I may use a variety of practices to help you find clarity and direction. I teach relaxation tools because cultivating awareness and a calm mind are essential keys to health and wellness. Oftentimes I use guided visualization or hypnotherapy, so we won’t just be sitting and talking the whole time. (Read more about Depth Hypnosis here.) You will get tools and assignments to work on between sessions to deepen the work. Occasionally I may suggest collaborating with complementary practitioners to bring balance to nutrition, sleep patterns or physical well-being.

I offer both in person and virtual sessions, via phone or online video.
Find a package below that works for your goals, or contact me for a free consultation to figure what is best for you.

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“I went to see Nick with an interest in exploring hypnotherapy for the first time. I was both curious and skeptical, but he allayed any fears or misgivings I may have had with his calm, clear demeanor. He spoke very extensively about the process and answered all of my questions. Nick has a very warm, relaxed way about him which, in turn, set me at ease. And his hypnotherapy sessions are quite gratifying and rewarding even as they are challenging in terms of the depth of the work being done.”  ~ C. O.


Still Got Questions?

No problem. Just reach out to me for a free consultation to help you clarify your goals.