The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 7:
Ritual, Ceremony & Rites of Passage
with Colleen Thomas

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Colleen Thomas is a ritual artist and independent audio producer. Her podcast, Shame Piñata, focuses on creating rites of passage for real-life transitions.


Episode Highlights

  • Colleen shares about her podcast Shame Pinata, and how it focuses on creating rites of passage for real life transitions.
  • We discuss the importance of ritual as a container and support for big and small changes in our lives.
  • Colleen shares how she discovered the power of ritual to help her feel supported through life’s challenges.
  • She talks about some ways people have honored their relationships from the stories on her podcast.
  • We learn about Colleen’s first exposure to the pagan community and how it challenged her to re-examine her conditioned assumptions.

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