The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 11:
Preserving Queer History
with David Weissman

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David Weissman is a documentary filmmaker, public speaker and longtime activist. He is best known as producer of the films THE COCKETTES, WE WERE HERE, and CONVERSATIONS WITH GAY ELDERS. David was also co-founder of QDoc—The Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival.

Episode Highlights

  • David shares about how he became an accidental filmmaker while he followed his path of activism.
  • We discuss how his style of interviewing to elicit personal story colors the depth of his documentaries on queer history. 
  • We explore the importance of sharing a story from inside the experience, such as David’s experience of the AIDS crisis.
  • David talks about his Gay Elders Project and value of including queer elders in his documentary work.
  • He also talks about using younger folks to edit Gay Elders Project, and the importance of intergenerational collaboration.
  • David provides insights into his connection between activism and filmmaking.

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