The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 12:
Creating Change & Finding Ease
with Kenji Oshima

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Kenji Oshima is an Intrerfaith Spiritual Director, Community Dharma Teacher and Life Coach specializing in high functioning adults with ADHD. When not geeking out over Sci-Fi you’ll find him volunteering for QTAPI groups, reading at the beach, or finding ease in alternative health care.

Episode Highlights

  • Kenji shares how his diagnosis of adult ADHD started him on the path to becoming a life coach.
  • He talks about his philosophies of bringing shift and ease to his own clients.
  • We discuss how mindfulness and spiritual practice has supported his own journey which led to him becoming a spiritual guide and companion. 
  • Kenji describes what “co-active” coaching is and how he works with it.
  • We explore the concept of epigenetics and what we inherit from our ancestors.

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