The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 21:
Empaths & Sacred Clowns
with Desiree Cervantes


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Desiree Cervantes: “​I’m a shaman, intuitive healer and empath. A modern medicine woman with a creative soul and the gift of clear sight. A wild woman with a tender heart. I see magic everywhere and in everyone. ​I am the kind of woman they used to burn at the stake and I am reclaiming the word Witch. I am an Oracle Witch but I am not a fortune teller. I have a number of psychic gifts including the ability to see, hear and channel messages and communicate with my guides and yours. I am not afraid of my shadow side or yours. I’m great at helping people process raw emotions and release pain and grief. I won’t give you the answers but I’ll help show you that you had them all along inside yourself. I dispense truth and wisdom with honesty, a fierce tenderness and sometimes a bit of tough love. I sometimes speak to non-breathing people (call them what you like) if I feel that communicating is helpful or needed. I give myself permission to want what I want and feel how I feel. I am learning how to lean into my desires to uncover what they are trying to show me. My core desired feelings are vibrant, powerful, sexy, abundant, magical and wild-hearted. I’m an artist, designer, truth teller, mother, warrior and seeker. I am large, I contain multitudes.”


Episode Highlights

  • Desiree shares how she discovered her ability to read other peoples feelings and energies as a young child.
  • She discusses hearing the call to study shamanism and become a “witch doctor.”
  • Being an empath and learning to honor the boundaries of others while balancing the ability to help.
  • Working with the common challenges of empaths, such as energetic overwhelm or overriding your intuition.
  • Tuning in to wild spirituality and sacred clowning as a form of creative disruption to shake up and shift energy outside of your comfort zone. 


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