The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 1:
Kung Fu as a Path of Liberation & Empowerment
with Sifu DeVante Love

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Sifu DeVante Love is a Gay Olympic Martial Artist, QTBIPOC Counselor, Wellness Coach, and Spiritual Teacher who has over a decade of experience guiding thousands of folks across the world who have felt weighed down by their trauma, anxiety, stress, or cultural expectations. They are the Founder of Healing Kung Fu, an online queer and BIPOC friendly spiritual martial arts school which teaches people how attain new levels of wellness through movement meditation practices. After getting his masters in Spiritual Psychology from Columbia University, he was invited to train, teach and compete all over the US and internationally.

Episode Highlights

  • DeVante shares how from a young age, they first learned martial arts as a way to protect themselves as a child when they first came out. They were drawn to Kung Fu because of the spiritual and energetic aspects of it, as well as the connection to meditation and mind training.
  • We discuss the idea of Eros as a kind of energetic connection, and how that shows up in spiritual practice and community.
  • DeVante shares how they integrate the mind, body and spirit in their practices and teach that integration in their work to others. These teachings initially revolve around body movements and postures.
  • They share how grounding earth practices have been most needed during the last two years of the pandemic.
  • DeVante shares how it has been to be a queer POC in the world of martial arts, and modeling difference in those spaces.
  • We also discuss different experiences and understandings of the spiritual through the practice of Kung Fu.

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