The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 3:
Storytelling in Wobbly Times
with Eli Ramer

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Eli Ramer, who writes under the name Andrew Ramer, is the author of several books of interest to gay/queer readers, including “Queering the Text” and “Two Flutes Playing,” which author and journalist Mark Thompson (who interviewed Ramer in his book “Gay Soul”) called “a gay classic.” Ramer will be talking about his new book, “Two Hearts Dancing.” He lives in Oakland, California.

Episode Highlights

  • Eli talks about his new book, Two Hearts Dancing, which is a companion piece to his classic, Two Flutes Playing.
  • We explore the value of poems and stories in our increasingly complicated and wobbly world.
  • We also discuss the role of queer folx in engaging and dealing with climate change.
  • Eli shares three of his pieces from Two Hearts Dancing.
  • We reflect on the world changes since the first conversation with Eli on this podcast.
  • Eli draws comparisons between the unification of the queer community during the AIDS crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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