The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 22:
Intuitive Healing through Art & Play
with Hank Hivnor



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Hank Hivnor is a healer, artist, psychic & life coach, who uses psychic ability and other healing modalities he’s learned along the way. For twenty-seven years he’s been sharing insights, working with energy and transforming lives and himself, present in everything he does from working with Angels, inspiring beings and seeing the profound shifts in people’s lives.

“I had an awakening in my 20’s inspired by Native American healers. I began to give readings and experiment with my new found awareness, I developed my own form of energy work and just went with it. I absolutely love helping people, using my abilities. Being able to assist and facilitate the growth of another being is profound. Seeing the magnificence of the human spirit, and its ability to overcome and ascend to its highest potential, is exhilarating and humbling. I’ve experienced a lot, but I consider myself a beginner, every new client is a new beginning, we are on a journey together. When I do psychic readings I completely surrender and let go, and out of that sacred void comes a presence that offers it’s assistance in all kinds of ways, energetically or through magical aspects and archetypes defined and not.  

“I’m also a multimedia artist, and I love color in all its variations of subtlety and vibration. Through my art I get energy upgrades and new technology that I bring to my practice. I blend my art and psychic work into applications like automatic drawing and painting or guided meditations, I’ve created my own form of art therapy.”

Episode Highlights

  • Hanks defines what it means to him to be a clairvoyant and medium.
  • His healing work is an intention to help people change, grow or transform.
  • Nick shares a story about his own healing experience with Hank when they first met.
  • Hank tells how he first discovered his intuitive abilities to be a psychic healer.
  • We discuss how the trauma of homophobia many queer folks experience can be a gateway to tapping into intuitive and healing gifts.
  • Hank makes paintings and multimedia art as a way of activating healing in others. We discuss one of his art pieces of “Heart Healing.”
  • We talk about the importance of play and art in the role of personal healing and empowerment.
  • We discuss tuning into the moment and making healing spontaneous and common place without the bells and whistles; and bringing positive intentions to everyday life.
  • Hank talks about being in the “Truth Time,” the way that the truth is coming to the surface in our culture quickly and easily right now.
  • He shares the importance of practicing self love and compassion to combat the harsh inner critic. 


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