The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 1:
Indigenous Insights & Decolonization
with Kanyon Sayers-Roods


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Kanyon Sayers-Roods “Coyote Woman”  (Mutsun-Ohlone, Chumash, EuroMutt) is a two-spirit steward of Indian Canyon, an artist, activist and educator. Kanyon teaches truth in history and envisioning indigenous futures to diverse audiences. Kanyon’s work has been featured at the De Young Museum, SOMArts Gallery, Gathering Tribes and many indigenous powwows and gatherings.

Episode Highlights

  • Kanyon shares how she first started her business, Kanyon Konsulting, to provide education on decolonization and reindigenization for non-native people, particularly in the Ohlone territory (San Francisco Bay Area, California).
  • Kanyon helps us understand what it means to do the work of decolonization and reindiginization.
  • She shares about the practice and importance of land acknowledgement and recognition.
  • We also talk about the practice of offering “land tax” donations to help native peoples get land back.
  • Kanyon shares why it is important and helpful to get familiar with the native peoples in your own territory.
  • We break down the label of “two-spirit” and other labels native folks use to talk about their queer experience.


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