The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 13:
Painting & Poetry: Art as Medicine
with Keone Wales

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Keone is a queer, a heretic and a fool, here to help shift the paradigm and welcome the higher dimensions through play and joy. They bring dreams and visions for the collective through their paintings, poetry and story telling. For them, it’s all about energy; helping nurture our energetic connections with plants, trees and other beings. And also helping us clear blockages and bring medicine to our own energy bodies.

Episode Highlights

  • Keone shares some poetry from their new collection, “Love Songs For Boys,” including their focus on the intersection of painting and poetry.
  • We discuss nature vs. capitalism, messiness as a path to healing, and laughter as medicine.
  • They talk about how the ancient forest near their home has inspired their poetry, and how patriarchy and white supremacy serves as a metaphor for the destruction of nature.
  • Keone shares about how they found poetry to be a source of healing throughout their life.
  • We explore the Fool archetype and its inherent beautiful, queerness.

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