The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 32:
Bridging the Gap in Queer Medical Care
with Kerin Berger


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Kerin “KB” Berger (she/her) is a physician assistant (PA) practicing in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Quinnipiac University PA program in 2015 with a master’s in health sciences. She works full-time at the LA LGBT Center in the sexual health and education department. Additionally, she performs high resolution anoscopy for anal cancer prevention. Kerin is an adjunct professor at Charles Drew University (CDU) PA program where she implemented the LGBTQI and nonbinary curriculum. Kerin travels around the U.S. speaking to medical professionals, students, mental health clinicians, community members and advocates. She lives in West Hollywood with her wife, Jordan and her dog, Rilo. She loves to cycle, travel, and drink old fashions.

Episode Highlights

  • KB explains what a Physician Assistant (PA) is and how it’s different from a doctor or a nurse.
  • She shares how she got interested in medicine by being interested in science.
  • KB talks about her podcast “Queer Meducation” and her inspiration to start it to bridge the medical and queer communities.
  • She felt like her medical education didn’t prepare her to work her best with the sexual health of queer folks.
  • Later on she was invited to come give a presentation on queer health to medical professionals, and this gave her insight to the level of ignorance and inspired her to do more.
  • She shares ideas about how queer folks can find queer and friendly medical practitioners.
  • KB shares tells us what kinds of health issues queer folks might be overlooking and encourages us to pay a bit more attention to. 

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