The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 10:
Healing the Story of Your Body
with Dr. Kirk Prine



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Dr. Kirk Prine, CMT is a Body Story Life Coach, integrative bodyworker, Reiki Master, Ritual Master, former psychotherapist, primary facilitator of Flesh & Spirit Community and co-founder of The Missing Thread Mystery School for Entrpreneurs. He is also the author of “Erotic Body Prayer“.


Episode Highlights

  • We discuss how life experiences get stored in the cells and the energies of our bodies, and how they effect the agreements we have with ourselves.
  • Kirk helps people unpack and clear those stories through the body to heal the mind and the body.
  • How queer people struggle with intimacy and how that shows up in our bodies.
  • Kirk’s own experience of abuse and trauma lead him on his path from survivor to thriver, and honing his ability to tune into more subtle energies.
  • How to begin to listen to the stories of your own body through sensations and feelings.
  • The ways in which body work and massage can help to release and transform our relationship with our bodies and ourselves.
  • The connection between the spiritual and the physical, and how it can bring healing to queer people.
  • The erotic and the spiritual are not separate, but one in the same.
  • Queer people came to be part of healing ourselves and the planet.
  • The path of the wounded healer as a helpful teacher to help us grow.


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