The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 23:
Erotic Astrology & Sexual Freedom
with Maisha Aza



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Maisha Najuma Aza is a queer, black healer, teacher and spiritual mentor, co-parent of two teens and ecstatic lover of life. She erotically weaves her social justice roots, spirituality, shamanic practices, and energetic bodywork to co-create comprehensive, intuitive healing sessions. Her work impacts the multidimensional aspects of each person’s social, sexual, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic world. Maisha’s light-hearted, deeply accepting, down-to-earth and empathic nature makes her private consultations and public engagements especially powerful and deeply transformational! Maisha’s calling is sharing the erotic integration of spirituality, sexuality, embodiment and erotic empowerment with others through her healing sessions, consultations, experiential classes, workshops and speaking engagements around the world. Maisha is a certified Reiki Master Teacher. She is also certified in Integrated Healing Arts, Tantra Sacred Intimacy, Shamanic Reiki, and multiple modalities of Massage Therapy. Maisha holds a master’s degree in Social Work, and is the Founder of Black Girl Tantra in the Atlanta, GA area, and offers virtual and in-person sessions.

Episode Highlights

  • Maisha shares how she came to the work of sacred sexuality and overcoming sexual trauma through exploring different paths of healing.
  • She shares her perspectives on the connection of sexuality and spirituality, and how it has been informed by her deep experience of the sensuous.
  • Her training in Shamanism and astrology helped her understand her own personal erotic energy and sensuous nature.
  • How she uses Erotic Astrology Consultations in her practice with clients to help them release shame and open up to your own sexual energy and embodiment.
  • We discuss the interconnection of sexual, sensual, spiritual and erotic energy.
  • The importance of self-care and being self-centered is healthy.
  • Her Sexual freedom work with queer POC folk to overcome oppression and heal our self image.
  • Ancestral healing work as a path to work toward undoing racism.
  • How BDSM and leather community lead her to feel free in her body and explore her sexuality. 


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