The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 14:
Dream Yoga & Vibrational Alchemy
with Ọ Zotique

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(they/them) is a yogi and priestess committed to helping themselves and others release attachment to fear and vibrate at a radiant frequency of embodiment and joy. is a healer and artist working internationally in the media of social practice, vibration, yoga, dreamwork and reiki. Their dissertation with the State U of NY centers around flow psychology as a phenomenon.

Episode Highlights

  • We talk about ’s journey from a classically trained composer and music teacher to delving into the study and practice of vibrational alchemy.
  • shares how the practice of deep listening, developed by Pauline Oliveros, lead to the paths of dream yoga and asana, which they incorporate into their vibrational alchemy work.
  • We discuss the joys of teaching children, especially in music education.
  • We delve into the worlds of dreams: dream recall, dream yoga and dream work.
  • talks about their experiences with sound healing and forest bathing.

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