The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 2:
The Magic of Gender Exploration
with Rae McDaniel

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Rae McDaniel (they/them) is a non-binary speaker, author, therapist, Certified Sex Therapist, coach and Transgender Diversity & Inclusion Educator. Rae helps audiences gain the sheer audacity to be themselves in the world through play, pleasure, and possibility.
Their book Gender Magic is a first-of-its-kind practical guide to achieving gender freedom with joy, curiosity, and pleasure for transgender and non-binary individuals, gender explorers, and those who love them.
Rae is also the founder and CEO of Practical Audacity, a Gender & Sex Therapy practice in Chicago, serving over 300 clients yearly.

Episode Highlights

  • During our shared time we explore what it means to be in flow with the unfolding journey of gender.
  • Rae shares that coming out to their family took a couple of years – they were blessed and lucky to have built a supportive strong queer community prior to coming out.
  • They share with us  how pandemic quarantine removed a lot of the external barriers trans people navigate on the daily. During this time, Rae honored their trans identity by getting top surgery and working more deeply with testosterone injections. 
  • Rae drops some queer wisdom nuggets: How do we connect to ourselves, to each other? How do we bring more pleasure + joy + play into our lives right now even while holding all the heavy stuff?
  • In their new book, Gender Magic, Rae poses that we position gender exploration and transition as just another part of self growth. 
  • Rae shares an excerpt from their book with us and it’s filled with such yummy nuggets of queer wisdom. 
  • Pleasure + Joy + Play remain integral ingredients of their growth.

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